Nova Resort Maldives is a hotel located on a beautiful island in the Maldives. This resort has everything you need to make your stay a pleasant one. It offers water villas with private pools, a dive center, a spa, and room service. These are some of the reasons why you should consider it as your next vacation destination.

Aquaholics dive centre

The Aquaholics dive centre at Nova Resort Maldives offers a great variety of water sports, including kayaking, snorkelling, parasailing, and more. They also offer an array of activities for non-divers, such as Topcat sailing, paddleboards, and jet skis. Their facilities include an on-site PADI certified dive team, and a world class fitness center.

The resort features a contemporary all-inclusive community concept, designed to encourage real connections between guests. It’s a haven for adventurers, wellness enthusiasts, and explorers. Guests can participate in activities such as dolphin watching, sunset cruises, and marine life tours.

There’s also an on-site spa and yoga pavilion. Wellness experts offer holistic spa rituals. You can also learn about local art forms. At night, you can join a DJ session on the beach or have a cocktail reception.

Nova Resort and Spa is also home to an elegant gala on Christmas Eve. During the holiday season, you can take part in festive activities, including dancing under the stars, live music, and more. In addition, you can sample traditional Maldivian cuisine and visit a nearby cultural heritage village.

Nova Resort is also a leader in sustainable practices. All glass is recycled, and items are responsibly packaged. This helps to reduce waste and minimize carbon footprint.

Nova’s all-inclusive meal plans feature healthy, sustainable offerings at every meal. They’re a great value for money. And, they’re a great way to experience the Maldivian culinary scene.


The Spa at Nova Resort Maldives has a unique spa concept. Its treatments are based on the sacred wisdom of traditional maldivian medicine. This combination of nature and human touch allows guests to experience holistic and soulful spa experiences.

The Spa at Nova Resort Maldives offers three treatment rooms and a yoga pavilion. It also features a Thai Sala, a traditional Maldivian treatment. Each treatment helps to revitalize the body and enhance well-being.

In addition to the spa, NOVA offers a state-of-the-art fitness centre and tennis court. There is also a house reef for diving. Visitors can snorkel with a resident Marine Biologist.

The resort also features five restaurants. They serve international and global cuisine. Flames serves grilled seafood. Ilaa is an international eatery.

There are also five bars. They feature handcrafted cocktails and serve fresh seafood. Additionally, guests can attend pool parties at Solis Pool Bar. These evening gatherings are great for enjoying communal snacks.

With its laid-back island atmosphere, NOVA is an ideal vacation destination for families. The Resort’s all-inclusive plan offers Full Board Plus meal plans, room service, daily activities, and more.

Guests can enjoy a complimentary dolphin quest, free introductory rewards, and exclusive discounts. They can also participate in a daily sunrise yoga class and receive a complimentary spa session. Guests can also take advantage of their complimentary wireless Internet access.

Aside from the spa, there are a range of water sports, including windsurfing and kite surfing. Guests can also explore the local cultural heritage village.

Water villas with private pools

If you’re looking for a luxurious retreat, the Maldives is the perfect destination. Many people dream of staying in an overwater villa. Water villas are a luxury in the Maldives, offering spectacular views of the Indian Ocean and an unmatched sense of privacy.

The best water villas in the Maldives come with a range of personalised services and amenities. Each has its own unique design and offers a luxurious experience. Some offer a waterslide. This is great for families, as children can have fun splashing around.

Among the many activities available are snorkeling and diving. If you don’t want to get wet, you can enjoy a relaxing day sitting under palm trees. You can also take part in fishing trips. There’s a fitness centre and a bar.

Luxury villas are equipped with private pools. These are often infinity pools. Often, the pool is raised to provide a better view of the ocean. It’s also an ideal place to take a dip in the morning.

NOVA Maldives is the newest addition to the Pulse Hotels and Resorts portfolio. Located in South Ari atoll, this new resort is a home away from home. Designed with guests in mind, it is a modern all-inclusive community concept.

Aside from its innovative solutions and state-of-the-art technology, NOVA Maldives offers genuine hospitality and a human touch. It’s one of the most affordable luxury hotels in the Maldives. For couples and families, it’s the perfect island getaway.

Shared lounge

NOVA Maldives is a new addition to Pulse Hotels & Resorts’ portfolio. This resort, located in South Ari Atoll, has the unique combination of a genuine hospitality experience and the latest technology.

Its facilities are designed to facilitate a relaxed, laid-back atmosphere and to provide guests with a variety of entertainment options. You’ll find an outdoor swimming pool, tennis court, fitness centre, spa, and more. Guests can also enjoy a variety of restaurants and bars on site.

Nova Maldives is ideal for couples, families, and groups looking for a luxury island vacation. As part of the Pulse Hotels & Resorts umbrella brand, this property has been built around a core philosophy of being smart, playful, and grounded.

Located on a private island, the Nova Maldives offers guests a tranquil, secluded retreat. The resort’s quaint, sheltered marine area provides visitors with ripple-free conditions for water sports.

NOVA Maldives offers a wide range of activities, including tennis, swimming, snorkeling, and diving. The resort is located on a well-protected marine reserve, which is close to various uninhabited islands. All room accommodations include a safety deposit box, private balcony, and a seating area.

NOVA Maldives All Inclusive Resort is one of the most affordable luxury hotels in the Maldives. The resort’s 75 villas offer guests full board plus meal plans.

NOVA Maldives is an all-inclusive resort that features a spectacular house reef, an outdoor swimming pool, and a private beach area. Guests can enjoy a selection of on-site amenities, such as a bar, restaurant, and shared lounge.

Room service

When staying at Nova Resort Maldives, you get to indulge in all the benefits of living in an all-inclusive community. The resort features a variety of facilities, including an outdoor pool, a fitness center, and an outdoor dining area. In addition, you can also find a full-service spa and salon, as well as a tennis court.

This Maldives resort is located on a private island. It’s also near several local-inhabited islands, as well as some uninhabited ones.

There are several on-site amenities, including a bar, a fitness center, and a games room. The resort offers water sports such as diving and snorkeling. Also, you can enjoy massages and other spa services.

The hotel has a restaurant, as well. You can enjoy a free breakfast in the morning and a buffet lunch in the afternoon. If you’re looking for a more casual meal, you’ll find a snack bar/deli and a coffee shop/cafe.

The resort also has a nightly turndown service. This is a special gesture that makes the most of a room’s conveniences.

The hotel’s all-inclusive rates include the basics, such as meals and beverages, as well as gratuities and taxes. However, there may be some additional charges for certain drinks, snacks, and other amenities.

The resort also has a number of other on-site facilities, including a full-service spa, a golf course, a gym, and a tennis court.

Currency exchange

When it comes to currency exchange in the Maldives, there are several options to choose from. A trip to the bank is usually the most convenient option. In addition, travelers who are looking to avoid the hassle of carrying large amounts of cash can order travel money online or get it delivered directly to their door.

For those looking to save a few dollars, there are also ATMs in the airport. However, the bank counters can be a bit crowded.

The most popular option is the US dollar. While it may not be the cheapest currency to carry, it is the legal tender of the Maldives. Many hotels and restaurants in the area will accept US dollars.

One of the more complicated currencies to carry is the Maldives rupee, or rufiyaa. The rufiyaa is a local currency, which only comes from the islands. It’s a hefty coin to carry around.

If you are not interested in making a trip to the bank, consider a pre-paid card. These will allow you to make purchases without having to worry about credit card fees.

There are also ATMs in some of the smaller islands, but they are not as accessible. Fortunately, the Bank of Maldives Foreign Exchange counter is the easiest and most convenient option.

While you are at it, the smallest currency is also one of the largest. To give you an idea, a pack of Marlboro cigarettes in Male costs MVR 60.

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