The Fairmont Resort Maldives Sirru Fen Fushi is a great place to stay if you’re looking for a resort that’s close to the beach. This is especially true if you’re interested in snorkeling, diving, and exploring the island. You’ll find daily guided tours by the hotel’s passionate marine biologists. It’s also possible to enjoy night snorkeling, and you’ll get to see plenty of the area’s incredible corals.


Fairmont Resort Maldives Sirru Fen Fushi, one of the first hotels to be awarded the Gold Key Award, offers a unique glamping experience. With 120 over-water villas, guests can enjoy the natural beauty of the island and the rich marine life.

Guests are able to participate in conservation initiatives by participating in the Turtle Ranger Programme. They are also able to help with manta ray data collection as part of the Manta Trust organization.

The resort has a unique underwater art installation called Coralarium. It was developed by eco-artist Jason deCaires Taylor and aims to create a visual connection between the underwater and the land. This is the first of its kind in the Maldives.

Guests are also able to take part in snorkeling excursions led by a resident marine biologist. In addition, there is an exclusive Sunset Dolphin Cruise, and a unique jungle cinema. For those who want to have more privacy, tented jungle villas are available. These villas have private infinity pools.

Fairmont Resort Maldives Sirru Fushi was recently named the leading luxury hotel in the Indian Ocean. Located in Shaviyani Atoll, north Maldives, the resort features safari-style tented villas with nine-kilometre-long house reef.

Guests at the resort are able to enjoy a wide range of activities including snorkeling, sunset fishing, and night fishing. Kids can also enjoy the kid’s club. Guests can also choose to stay in Beach Tented Villas, which offer direct access to a sugar-white sand beach.

Fairmont Resort Maldives Sirru-Fen Fushi is a destination that is ideal for couples and families. The resort offers a plethora of special packages, such as the honeymoon package, or the Fairmont Experience.

Coralarium structure

Coralarium is a unique semi-submerged art gallery in the Maldives. Located at Fairmont Resort Maldives Sirru Fen Fushi, it’s the first of its kind.

The art gallery is made from stainless steel and is submerged in water up to three meters deep. During the day, the structure reflects the dramatic surroundings. At night, underwater lights illuminate the space.

Coralarium aims to raise awareness of the threat of climate change to the marine ecosystem. To this end, it provides a habitat for more than 120 different species of fish. It also encourages the long-term protection of coral reefs.

Coralarium is a collaboration between artist Jason deCaires Taylor and Fairmont Sirru Fen Fushi. He was inspired by the beauty of the Maldives coral reefs. So, he designed a sculpture that imitates ethereal coral colonies.

This regenerative project will help to protect the reefs of the Maldives. In addition, the sculptures will help to educate visitors about the underwater world. Guests are encouraged to help plant corals and contribute to the restoration of the reef.

Visitors can enter the Coralarium through small guided tours led by marine biologists. They can also snorkel and explore the underwater sculptures.

The Coralarium structure was installed in 2018 and it has since become a flourishing home for the marine life. In fact, it was built by British environmentalist and artist Jason deCaires Taylor.

Designed to mimic organic forms found in the sea, the Coralarium structure is a part of Fairmont Maldives’ coral regeneration program. It’s made of pH-neutral non-toxic materials, and is designed to catch vital biomass that stimulates coral growth.

Visitors can explore the Coralarium by snorkeling 100 meters from the beach. The tours are led by resident marine biologists.

Night snorkelling opportunities

Fairmont Resort Maldives Sirru Fen Fushi offers a range of water-based activities and night snorkelling opportunities. Guests can explore the thriving ecosystem that lives on the island’s nine-kilometer-long house reef. This reef also features rare close-up views of manta rays.

In addition to night snorkelling opportunities, guests can enjoy a variety of other activities at the resort. Guests can participate in beach yoga, go windsurfing, and take a cooking class. They can also enjoy a full-service spa, as well as a private cinema screening.

As part of their Conscious Castaway experience, guests can visit the island’s Coralarium, an underwater museum dedicated to marine life. The resort’s resident marine biologists lead guided tours around the reef. Guests can explore the coral, learn about the ecosystem, and even help collect data on manta rays.

Another way to discover the marine world is to head out on a Dolphin Cruise. During this trip, guests can watch dolphins play and frolic. Additionally, visitors can participate in a sunrise yoga class.

Fairmont Maldives Sirru Fen Fushi is a great choice for a relaxing stay. Its all-villa resort offers a rustic glamping experience and a luxury jungle experience. There are several room options to choose from, including an infinity pool and a private beach villa. Guests can also enjoy a variety of amenities, including cable TV, linen services, and air conditioning.

Fairmont Maldives has also committed to preserving the beauty of the islands, including the area around the resort. Guests can purchase local produce, recycle waste, and help protect turtles. For example, Fairmont Maldives supports the Manta Trust organization, which protects manta rays by registering photo IDs of the creatures.

Daily guided tours by the hotel’s passionate team of marine biologists

Guests of Hotel Azoris Faial Garden in Horta are invited to participate in daily activities including snorkeling, kayaking and exploring the mangrove colony. In addition to these exciting excursions, guests are given a chance to learn about migratory patterns and species behavior from local scientists.

The Azores archipelago is a marine paradise with lush vegetation, volcanic craters, and a rich biodiverse water of the Atlantic. This archipelago is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has been named the aquarium of the world by Jacques Cousteau.

Whether it’s a stargazing trip or a kayaking excursion, guests will be enchanted with the wonders of nature here. During the day, guests will have a chance to swim in the shallow waters of a coral reef and witness dolphins and sea lions frolic in the surf. At night, they’ll be treated to a magical moment: sunset.

For guests who are interested in learning more about the natural world, Hotel Azoris Faial Garden has a team of passionate marine biologists who are ready to answer all of your questions. From the latest scientific findings to the most exotic species, this team of experts is always ready to share their knowledge with you.

For the truly intrepid, we’ve also crafted a weeklong Sea of Cortez Marine Biology Adventure. This includes snorkeling trips, a student-centered research project, and evening presentations.

Lastly, you’ll have the chance to participate in the Sea Turtle Conservation Facility’s release of baby sea turtles. The project is a hands-on experience that involves protecting newly hatched sea turtles from sharks, crabs, and other threats. Once the project is complete, the data gathered will be shared with the global scientific community.


Fairmont Resort Maldives Sirru Fen Fushi is one of the finest island retreats in the Maldives. It is a private island resort offering 120 villas. Located on Shaviyani Atoll in North Maldives, this luxury hotel offers spectacular views of the Indian Ocean.

The villas at the resort range from two to seven bedrooms. Each has its own swimming pool, as well as a 24-hour butler. They feature light wood furniture and plush bedding. Guests can also enjoy private bathrooms and complimentary WiFi. Some of the rooms have a wine fridge.

This resort boasts the longest swimming pool in the Maldives. Whether you want to relax or exercise, you’ll find plenty of activities to enjoy. There are snorkelling, diving and water sports available. Guests can even take a tour of the Coralarium, a semi-submerged art gallery.

In addition to its impressive amenities, the resort also has a range of eco-friendly initiatives in place. Fairmont’s conservation efforts include an environmentally-friendly freshwater bottling plant and recycling efforts. Guests are provided with branded refillable bottles.

Guests can also opt for the Fairmont’s exclusive Conscious Castaway experience. This adventure includes snorkelling safaris around the Coralarium, a private beachfront BBQ, and a visit to the Sustainability Lab, a hub for eco-education. All of these activities help to educate guests on the local sustainability initiatives.

The resort also offers a range of activities for the whole family. Children’s clubs, a teen’s club, wedding planning, and excursions are all on offer. Guests can choose from the variety of dining options, including a restaurant that specializes in fusion cuisines and the Onu Onu Cafe, a beachside restaurant.

With its swaying palms, turquoise waters, and white sand beaches, Fairmont Resort Maldives Sirru Fushi is a truly unforgettable island experience.

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