The Amilla Maldives Resort and Residences is a luxurious resort in the heart of the Maldives, and provides an unforgettable experience for couples and families alike. With its secluded location in the UNESCO biosphere, this hotel offers a relaxing environment and an assortment of dining and wellness options.

Dining options

Amilla Maldives Resort & Residences offers a variety of dining options. From the buffet to the a la carte menu, guests can enjoy a wide variety of choices. The resort also provides a wide range of activities and water sports. If you’re looking for a great place to stay in the Maldives, Amilla Maldives Resort & Resident is the perfect choice.

Located on a private island, the resort is in the Baa Atoll. It offers a variety of rooms, each with a separate living area, a balcony, and cable TV. They also offer a fitness center, a massage, and laundry services.

As part of their commitment to sustainable development, they are working to eradicate plastic from the ocean. Guests can take advantage of the resort’s complimentary snorkeling excursions. Additionally, they can also take advantage of reduced minibar prices.

With eight weekly dining experiences, guests can choose from a selection of cuisines. Several of the restaurants feature vegetarian and vegan options, including a sushi bar. A signature Japanese restaurant, Feeling Koi, is also available.

Guests can also enjoy the resort’s free WiFi. This island resort is non-smoking. Guests can also enjoy access to the spa and a steam room. There is also a sauna and a pool on site.

Amilla Maldives is a unique and authentic island resort. Besides offering a variety of dining options, it also hosts a number of cultural events. For example, guests can take part in the Maldivian Cultural Week, when local artists and performers come together to celebrate their culture. During the week, visitors can enjoy local dances performed in Feyli sarongs.

Guests can also dine at the resort’s other five a la carte restaurants. In addition, the resort offers a daily breakfast, a lunch menu, and a dinner menu. Guests can also participate in the resort’s cooking classes.

Holistic therapies

Amilla Maldives Resort & Residences has a holistic approach to wellness. Their Wellness Your Way program encompasses nutrition, movement, mindfulness and spa treatments. The programmes are contemporary and designed to help guests feel better inside and out.

As a leader in sustainable tourism, Amilla has several sustainability initiatives in place. In addition to growing organic produce for its restaurants, they are also working to improve the health of the local community. This includes reducing the resort’s carbon footprint. They are also actively reducing single-use plastics.

Amilla Maldives offers unique treatments based on traditional Maldivian medicine. This includes Dhivehi Beys, or natural herbal massages. Many Maldivians travel to the island for this treatment.

Amilla’s Javvu Spa has recently launched two new treatments. These treatments incorporate both modern herbalism and ancient Maldivian medicine. The team worked with a healer from the local community to create treatments based on the ingredients in local herbs. Guests can experience these therapies in a private pod, including a changing room and shower.

With over 70 percent of the island untouched, Amilla Maldives is committed to keeping the environment healthy. They are involved in coral propagation projects and a Long Tail Tropic bird breeding programme. It has also installed a reverse osmosis plant.

They have also incorporated fun and innovative holistic therapies into their programme. One of the offerings is the Sleep Well at Amilla program. This program is designed to help guests sleep better. A variety of supplements, such as turmeric, nuts and tart cherry juice, are included.

Another unique service is their Alchemy Bar. Located on the beach, it offers guests the opportunity to learn about the benefits of natural ingredients. There are workshops and sessions available, as well as the opportunity to make their own products.

UNESCO biosphere setting

Amilla Maldives is a luxury resort situated in a UNESCO biosphere setting. It is home to a vibrant coral reef and the largest coral group in the Indian Ocean. The island is also home to the largest manta rays in the world, making it the perfect destination for a tropical dive vacation.

Located in Baa Atoll, a UNESCO biosphere reserve, the island is surrounded by pristine beaches and lush foliage. As an environmentally-friendly resort, the resort works with local communities to protect the environment.

Guests can take part in a wide range of activities. There are yoga classes, cooking lessons, tai chi, tennis coaching, and personal training. For those who are interested in diving, a Dive Butler will arrange trips to the nearby Hanifaru Bay, the largest manta ray feeding ground in the world.

This luxury resort is located in the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve of Baa Atoll. This is one of the healthiest coral reefs in the Indian Ocean, with a large concentration of plankton. Large groups of whale sharks travel through the area, attracting other marine creatures.

Upon arrival, guests receive a complimentary bottle of champagne, and can choose from a variety of amenities. Besides beach activities, there are snorkeling excursions, a sunset and sunrise fishing expedition, a wine tasting session, and more.

In addition to its commitment to sustainability, Amilla has partnered with ethical suppliers. One of these suppliers is a nut coconut processing plant that supplies the kitchen with coconut flesh. Aesop products are available, and the resort offers a feather-free pillow option.

With the resort’s commitment to local culture, guests can participate in cultural immersion tours on neighboring islands. These tours are hosted by guest experts who have experience working with local communities.

Floating breakfast

Amilla Maldives Resort & Residences, one of the largest resort islands in the Maldives, has a lot to offer its guests. It offers 67 villas spread over a lagoon. The resort also offers a range of land-based activities and water sports.

Amilla has also taken the initiative to ensure guest wellness. They source ingredients from natural sources and use homemade spa products. Their wellness centre also features an award-winning spa.

Floating breakfast is a new trend in the Maldives. Served in overwater villas, it is an innovative way to avoid a buffet line. For two, it includes fresh fruit juice, a selection of tempting items, including yoghurt and robust coffee.

This trend has been picked up across Europe, Asia, and the Pacific. Floating breakfasts are a great option for couples. But, they can ruin a perfect morning. So, make sure you eat it with just one hand.

In addition to floating breakfasts, the hotel also boasts several other innovative features. For instance, guests can enjoy the floatable acai bowl from Fresh Cafe. A daily complimentary breakfast is also available, and ice cream is on the menu for all.

In addition to the many activities available at the resort, there is a large organic garden that grows some of the food and ingredients used in the resort. There are six restaurants on the island, with each of them being excellent.

While the above-mentioned ‘floating’ breakfast isn’t offered by all restaurants, it does occur at the Hotel’s Feeling Koi. Located at the end of the lagoon pool, it is a short walk from your villa.

Another notable feature is the ‘floating’ swim-up bar. If you’re staying in a Pool Bungalow, you’ll enjoy a private plunge pool.

Vegan food

In the Maldives, the luxury Amilla Resort & Residences offers vegan food. The resort is located in the Baa Atoll, a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. It offers a wide range of activities, including sunrise and sunset fishing, wine tasting sessions and cooking classes.

Vegans can choose from several different vegan restaurants at Amilla. Guests can choose from a variety of dishes, from breakfast to dessert. Many of the restaurant’s dishes are also gluten free and dairy free. Located on a private island, Amilla is also known for its sustainability and commitment to humane meat production.

The resort has a Wellness Your Way program, which encompasses nutrition, movement, mindfulness, and spa. In addition to their vegan cuisine, Amilla offers a keto menu, a paleo menu, and a gluten free menu.

Guests can enjoy a breakfast or lunch buffet with vegan seafood platters, noodle dishes, and Indian curries. For dessert, guests can try coconut panna cotta or lime sorbet.

During dinner, guests can choose from an a la carte menu. Feeling Koi, a Japanese restaurant over water, features a separate vegan menu. The menu includes a variety of dishes, including vegetable stuffed braised cabbage rolls, udon noodles, and delicate tofu.

Guests can also dine at Phat Chameleon, which is located in an organic garden. This restaurant is one of the most unique plant-based restaurants in the Maldives. Chefs use dehydrating techniques and flash-frying methods to prepare their dishes.

Guests can also try the Simply Veg restaurant, which is located next to an adult-only pool. The menu is designed to explore the Mediterranean and Arabic influences of the region.

Guests can choose to rotate between the various restaurants on their stay. If they want to try a particular restaurant, the staff will be happy to work with them.

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