The Velassaru Resort Maldives is a beautiful resort located in the southern tip of the island. With an array of features that include a full water sports center, dining options, and beach bungalows, this resort is sure to please any traveler.

Beach bungalows

Velassaru Resort Maldives is a luxury resort located on a private island in the Maldives. The island is a short 25-minute boat ride from Male International Airport. This resort features elegant beachfront accommodations and five restaurants.

The resort offers guests a variety of activities, including sunset cruises and yoga. It’s also possible to explore the surrounding house reef by snorkeling. The resort provides complimentary equipment for guests to use. Velassaru is an all-inclusive resort, meaning that you won’t have to worry about spending a penny for meals or drinks.

Rooms at Velassaru are designed to provide a sense of privacy. Each room includes a large flat-screen TV, L’Occitane bath products, and a Nespresso machine. The hotel also provides free wifi throughout the property.

Velassaru Maldives features a full-service spa, an infinity pool, and a gym. The resort is also home to five restaurants, two bars, and a library. It is an ideal spot for couples looking to get away for a few days.

The resort’s beach bungalows are just steps from the ocean. The villas feature colorful accents and minimalist interiors. They’re also constructed of stone and teak. They open directly onto an over-water terrace. These villas are ideal for couples and families, offering lots of space and a private plunge pool.

The resort has 45 villas on stilts and a full-service spa. The infinity pool is stunning. The pool is designed to create a seamless illusion. It’s also available for wedding ceremonies. The resort’s staff will help you find the perfect size gear for your trip.

There’s a large public beach and a private house reef, so you’ll never have to worry about missing out on the water. Velassaru Resort Maldives is perfect for families and couples who want to explore the area together.

Overwater villas

Overwater villas at Velassaru Resort Maldives offer an idyllic beachfront retreat on a private island. The resort is located just twelve kilometers from Male International Airport and offers a range of water activities. This luxurious resort is a great place for a honeymoon or a romantic getaway.

The resort offers several activities for guests, including snorkeling and yoga. A number of restaurants are also available at the resort. The cuisine includes Chinese, Indian, and Western dishes. The resort also provides souvenir shops.

One of the standout features of the resort is its infinity pool. The pool is designed to create a seamless illusion. It has a dedicated smoking section and sparkling sand-like entry. Guests can watch the sunset from their deck or on a sunset cruise.

The resort’s fitness centre and spa offers a variety of massages and treatments. A sauna, steam room, and an ocean-facing outdoor hot tub are also available. Guests can enjoy Wi-Fi throughout the property.

Velassaru’s water villas have spacious living areas and direct access to the lagoon. Most water villas include a private pool and a bathtub. Aside from being surrounded by the crystal clear waters, guests can also enjoy uninterrupted views of the Indian ocean.

Velassaru Maldives also has several activities, including water sports, sunset cruises, and yoga. There is also a fitness centre on the island. The resort also has five dining options. Each of the five restaurants serves a variety of international specialties.

Velassaru’s water resort is located on a private coral island. The resort also offers snorkeling equipment rentals. The resort’s overwater spa has a large library and relaxation rooms. The spa also offers a free 30-minute photoshoot.

Dining options

Velassaru Maldives Resort offers a range of dining options. This upscale island destination offers five restaurants and two bars. The resort also includes a number of on-site amenities and activities.

One of the standout features of the resort is its infinity pool. It is designed to create an illusion of a seamless sand-filled entry, complete with a secluded smoking section. It also offers large sun loungers for two. The infinity pool offers a beautiful view of the sea and the beach.

Velassaru is an all-inclusive resort that offers a variety of meal plans. These plans include breakfast and dinner. Depending on the plan, guests can choose from Asian, Western, or Mediterranean cuisine. Guests can also order room service.

The main buffet restaurant, Spice, is open for breakfast and dinner. The hotel offers an international buffet, featuring food from different countries. Guests can also have lunch a la carte at the Vela restaurant. If they prefer to dine in privacy, they can book private dining rooms at the Sand Restaurant. The resort has eight show kitchens from around the world.

Aside from its infinity pool and its variety of dining options, Velassaru Maldives is an ideal destination for water sports. It has a tennis court and a fitness center.

Velassaru is a luxury resort located on a private island in South Male Atoll. Velassaru provides guests with a range of activities, including yoga, fishing, and a sunset cruise. Velassaru has a staff that adds to the energetic vibe of the resort. The resort is also known for its honeymoon benefits.

Velassaru offers a full-board meal plan that costs $74 USD per person, per day. This plan includes a full breakfast, dinner, and lunch a la carte.

Diving center

Velassaru Resort Maldives is a perfect choice for anyone looking to dive. Located in the South Male Atoll, this luxurious resort offers an understated luxury and emphasis on relaxation and scenic beauty.

Guests at Velassaru will find a wide range of room types available. These include overwater villas and Deluxe Bungalows. Each room is furnished with modern amenities. Guests can choose from a king-size bed, Wi-Fi, a minibar, and a private outdoor shower. All rooms also come with a safe.

Velassaru is located on a private coral island in turquoise waters. It is a quick boat ride from the Male airport. There are also several activities to do on the island. There is a water sports center, as well as tennis courts, and a fitness center.

Velassaru’s diving centre offers courses for all levels. It provides top-quality Scubapro rental equipment. This includes a professional-grade underwater camera. It also accepts all major credit cards.

The resort’s diving center has experienced instructors. It offers a range of dives, including night dives. There is also an underwater safari near nearby islands. There are opportunities to snorkel, scuba dive, and see whale sharks and manta rays.

Velassaru also offers a variety of activities for those not interested in scuba. Guests can enjoy the stunning white sand beaches, take a sunset cruise, or partake in water sports. Those who prefer to stay dry can visit the fitness center, or relax in the overwater spa.

Those who want to scuba dive in the clear turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean can choose from more than 60 excellent dive sites. The resort’s dive center is run by a multilingual team. They offer an informative presentation.

Water sports center

Water sports center at Velassaru Resort Maldives offers a wide variety of activities. Guests can enjoy swimming, snorkelling, kite boarding and catamaran sailing. If they wish to take part in any of these activities, they can contact the resort for more information. The staff at the resort will help them find the right gear for their stay.

Velassaru Marine Centre has a professional-grade underwater camera and a marine biologist who provides hands-on marine biology experiences. In addition, the facility offers special snorkelling journeys. These tours include snorkeling equipment and an informative lecture about the images of the sea. The facilities at the centre are open to all, including guests who are not certified divers.

Velassaru Resort has a dive center that is operated by a multilingual team. The facility includes a wide variety of dives and dive sites, with a schedule that is flexible. The centre accepts all major credit cards and provides top-quality Scubapro rental gear.

Velassaru is also known for its unique water sports station. The name Glide is derived from this. In addition to a full range of water activities, the centre offers a number of dining options and relaxation facilities.

The facility at the resort is fully staffed with experienced guides who will take you on excursions to see the surrounding coral reefs. Guests can enjoy a complimentary sunset yoga class, a sunset cruise, or a guided snorkeling tour around the island.

Velassaru Resort has 129 rooms. Each of the resort’s rooms features a private deck and a king-size bed. Some of the room types are tucked amongst tropical foliage and offer direct lagoon access. They also include a minibar, satellite TV, Wi-Fi, and an in-villa safe.

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