The Conrad Maldives resort is one of the top luxury hotels in the world. It is located on a private island, offering guests a variety of services, including Spa treatments and water villas. It is also home to an Undersea restaurant.

Water villas

Water villas are among the most popular and luxurious accommodations in the Maldives. These are private buildings set on stilts in the heart of the island’s lagoon. They are built with a lot of style and offer all the amenities of a luxury hotel.

Most of the major Maldives resorts offer them. They range from budget to luxury, but the good news is they are available for a price. They also provide access to the ocean in a safe and secluded environment. Some even have saunas and infinity pools.

They are not as expensive as overwater bungalows. The best deals can be found during the low season, which runs from May 12th to September 30th. This is when prices are lower than they are during peak tourist season. Some of the best offers can be found on fare comparison websites.

The Maldives have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. They also offer plenty of nature walks and cycling tours. In addition, the water is filled with life. If you like to snorkel, you can explore some of the more interesting fish and coral. The water villas in the Conrad Maldives are particularly impressive. The ones on Rangali Island are the best in the business.

They are designed with modern technology to keep them afloat. In fact, they are the first in the world to offer an under water residence. They have been awarded the Best Hotel in the World twice. They are also rated high on the cleanliness scale. They are spacious and feature all the amenities of a luxury hotel. They are built with a small strip of glass floor to give guests a view of the underwater world.

They are a great way to spend your honeymoon or vacation. You’ll be able to enjoy unobstructed views of the lagoon while you relax on your own private sundeck. Some even include plunge pools. During the night, you can watch the stars above and under the sea, depending on where you book. You can also have a romantic dinner on the resort’s own yacht. They are especially suited for couples.

They can be difficult to find though. The best way to get a good deal is to plan your trip well in advance. Some resorts will offer special discounts for booking early. There are also several fare comparison websites to help you make an informed decision. You can find the best value by choosing a resort that offers the most room for your dollar.

The Maldives are a truly amazing country. They have some of the most beautiful islands, crystal clear waters, and pristine beaches in the world. If you’re looking for a quaint and relaxing hideaway, a water villa in the Conrad Maldives might be a good choice for you.

Undersea restaurant

The first undersea restaurant in the world is located in the Maldives. This is a unique and exciting dining experience that allows you to watch coral gardens and tropical fish swimming below you. You can even see sharks and stingrays.

Several other underwater restaurants are located in the Maldives. One of them is called the You & Me by Cocoon, a luxury resort that offers a fully submerged restaurant. You can also go to the Anantara Kihavah and dine at their undersea restaurant. This charming boutique hotel features an underwater wine cellar and serves pan-seared Japanese wagyu and lobster. You can also book a private dinner at Ithaa, which is the world’s most famous undersea restaurant. Ithaa has been on many must-see lists since it was opened a decade ago.

You will be able to enjoy your meal in a transparent dome with a 270 degree underwater view. The food served here is a mix of contemporary European and Asian cuisines. You can opt for a four-course lunch menu or a six-course dinner. The price for a meal is between $120 and $240 US. There are only ten tables in the restaurant. You can choose between a regular set menu or a vegetarian set menu.

The restaurant was designed by M.J. Murphy Ltd., a New Zealand-based design consultancy. The structure was designed to be curved and transparent, making it easy to observe the ocean below. It was constructed in Singapore and shipped to the Maldives on a barge with a 300t crane. The structure was lowered five meters into the water and stabilized with sand ballast. Ithaa was officially opened on April 15, 2005. It cost less than $5 million to build.

The restaurant’s construction is expected to last for at least 20 years. Ithaa is a fusion of European and Asian flavors that will appeal to travelers looking for a memorable dining experience. Ithaa is open for dinner and for mid-day cocktails. Ithaa can also be booked for special occasions such as weddings.

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants in the Maldives. The food is delicious and the views are breathtaking. The experience is only available between 11am and 12pm, so it’s best to book in advance. Ithaa is the perfect venue for a romantic dinner or a private event. You can also book a buffet. This is a good option if you’re looking for a more affordable way to enjoy an undersea experience.

The Ithaa Undersea Restaurant is located at the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island in the Alif Dhaal Atoll. The restaurant is only five meters below the surface of the Indian Ocean, so you can expect to see spectacular views of the marine life below you. The menu is made up of European and Asian flavors, with some local influence. There are also some light canapes and non-alcoholic mocktails.

Spa treatments

The Conrad Maldives offers a luxurious retreat in the heart of the Indian Ocean. Located on a private island, the resort boasts an extensive selection of services and amenities, including an exclusive over water spa and an award-winning spa. The Conrad Maldives has created a signature wellness program that encompasses a variety of therapies designed to rejuvenate mind, body and soul.

The Over Water Spa, located off the coast, features a series of treatment rooms and a spa pavilion surrounded by the serene natural landscape of the tropical island. Guests are treated to a selection of bespoke treatments, such as full body massages and facials. The spa is designed to channel the properties of the sea, with each treatment focusing on a particular aspect of the human body. The treatments include detoxification, holistic healing and full body wraps.

The Over Water Spa at the Conrad Maldives has recently been refurbished by architects Yuji Yamazaki and WATG. This has involved the creation of two new lounge areas and a new reception area. The spa’s treatments use a combination of traditional Asian relaxation rituals, as well as world-class beauty lines. The new treatments are available in a range of settings, from under the stars to atop the sea. In addition, the spa has also partnered with the organic Japanese skincare brand Isun.

The Conrad Maldives’ Over Water Spa is set on stilts above the pristine waters of the Indian Ocean, offering guests a unique experience of soaking up the sun, while undergoing a series of pampering therapies. The resort has created an entire program of treatments that utilize the natural power of the water, from nourishing body wraps to radiance facials. The spa uses products that are made from organic ingredients and essential oils.

The resort’s spa programs are based on the principles of the islands and offer treatments to reduce stress, improve mental and emotional health, and encourage physical recovery. For an added touch of luxury, the over water spa includes four private spa suites. Guests can also enjoy a dip in the rooftop sea mineral pool to complete their day of pampering.

The Conrad Maldives has also appointed Ida Ayu Nyoman Widiaptini as the director of the spa. She previously served as the director of the spa at the Banyan Tree Bintan in 2011. She will oversee a team of 17 wellness specialists, who will provide a variety of treatments. The over water spa offers a range of spa treatments, including facials and manicures, using the best in organic products. Guests can also opt for a full body massage with heated coconut sticks.

In addition to the over water spa, the Conrad Maldives has another spa on the island’s main island. This includes a secluded serenity deck, which provides stunning views of the Indian Ocean. The spa also features five private pavilions. The spa is equipped with a hair salon, a juice bar, and an organic bio-dynamic spa restaurant. The spa will be staffed by a visiting wellness practitioner, Ranjith Saj, who will use bamboo and therapeutic oils for the various treatments.

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