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The Game Plan: Best Techniques To Win Fantasy Football Leagues

In every game, fun and excitement is given. Apart from that, the mind set of winning is what really juggles each player.By the end of the league, a game lost will leave you plain experience and a fewpercentage of fun and excitement. Therefore, setting goals for you to achieve will help your Fantasy Football career on itsway to success. Always remember that a goal without a plan will remain to be a goal. Success needs hard work along with techniques you must always keep in mind.

1.      Think deep, choose wise. Be careful in choosing which player to draft on the game. You may use your intuition when you end up too confused in choosing your team players. Taking note of your player’s skill and stat is one secret in rocking the game.

2.      Contract kids can save you. Players who are in their last year of their contracts are more likely to give their best shot.

3.      Booty kickers will do their jobs. Aside from the proven fact that these defense players do their task well they are also considered the best lucky charm. Also, when thinking about positioning your players, you might want to check the match-up.

4.      Be careful in trading. Be patient before trading away your players. Wait a few weeks to make sure your player is worth to trade. Who knows? Your trade away player might be your last asset? Think twice.

5.      Compute! Estimate possible scoring loss or advantage. Find out if your team is close to running backs. You can also take online services who analyze your leagues scoring system to minimize your overthinking baggage.

6.      Scatter your weapons on the league. Don’t over work and rest your player on a row. Make sure you use your league’s strong players in balance. Wrong coaching can blew the game.

7.      Watch out for Free Agents on Tuesdays. These Free Agents are the floating players you might want to take to your team. Make sure to trade a Free Agent with a poor performer.

8.      A real fan is in the know. Watch football news and updates and watch the games regularly. It will help you determine the best performers you have on your team. Also make sure you don’t miss out injury reports and weekly match-ups.

9.      Cheat Sheets aren’t invented for nothing! Make use of the cheat sheets available on Fantasy Football sites. Cheat sheets will aid your notes to a professional fantasy football game plan.

10.  Be consistent. Success comes with experience. If you lost a game, work harder and never forget what you learned from your default. Repeat steps 1-10 and you’ll see results that will come in bucks. No game won is more enjoyable than a game lost. Keep it up!

5 Important Aspects Of A Nightclub ID License Scanner

Are you the manager or owner of a pub or tavern or nightclub or bar? If you are, you will need to ensure that everything is ready in place to help you run the venue with maximum security. Are you concerned with the entrance and departure of your guests or members? Then, you need a sophisticated ID scanning technology. A high-end Nightclub ID License Scanner offers multiple benefits which may include the facility to correctly spot fake IDs trouble making patrons, keep the minors out, add different patrons to your Banned Patron List, and so on.

To maintain a peaceful and rollicking environment within your bar or nightclub, you need a good Doorman License Scanner that covers the following aspects:

The list of Banned Patrons:

Ideally, an excellent Bar ID Scanning Software provider should have a large list of Banned Patrons across the United States. The banned patrons might be denied or ejected entry for various offences like drugs abuse, violence, stealing, fake IDs and sexual assault. When any of the listed banned patrons will attempt to enter your venue, the system will render you an alert message along with the details and duration of the patron’s ban. So, the staff of your venue will be able to decide whether to permit the patron to enter or not.

Detection of fake IDs:

Id scanning software

A Bar ID Scanning Software will typically analyze every scanned ID so that your doorman can figure out whether it is a fake or a valid ID. The library of your software provider should contain at least 3,000 government issued Identity Cards from all over the world. All passports and driver’s licenses are a must. Ideally, a good ID scanner takes only 2-3 seconds to scan and detect everything about the ID submitted for scan.

Prevention of ID passing:

Another aspect of a good ID scanner is its ability to notify the staff if a particular ID gets scanned multiple times. Underage patrons use the ID passing process as a convenient way to get entrance into a licensed venue. One adult patron may enter the venue with a valid ID, and afterwards, seeks an illegitimate way to pass the ID to an underage patron who will then use that scanned ID again to enter the venue. The ID scanner will provide you with an alert as an ID gets used twice or more times. You will also receive a live image of the patron who first used the ID. Thus, it becomes easy for you to draw comparison to stop ID passing.

Easy-to-read Reports in real time:

It is recommended that you have access to know what a particular patron is doing while staying inside your venue. So, a good doorman license scanner provides easy to read and insightful data and information about what patrons are doing in there. Also, you will know about their demographics, the number of repeat patrons, men to women ratio etc.

Automatic SMS Notification system:

Your venue might be subject to inspections by Liquor Inspector, Police Task Force or Fire Marshall. In this case, you need immediate notification of the possible inspection so that you can have your guests stay calm and ready.

Also, your venue may reach its limit to host patrons. The Instant Notification system incorporated in a Nightclub ID License Scanner will provide you with that notification too. So, you can stay assured that you are doing good things to your bar or pub every time.

Best Suggestions From VitaFirm Review

Are you afraid of chemically formulated products for your skin? Do you think natural ingredients can only leave no side effects on your skin? If you do, you will obviously be eager to know how importantly a natural ingredient like Vitamin C will work for the overall health of your skin. If you are serious about enhancing your appearance removing all aging signs with completely natural components, you will get a great anti-aging cream named VitaFirm that may produce your desired changes just in a month or less. If you are still confused, you can read this Vitafirm review as well as other in-depth analyses.

Why VitaFirm is great?

The cream is actually a sound blend of a potent ingredient and Vitamin C, and the combination can miraculously fight all your signs of aging. The cream will supplement aging skin with all the essential vitamins and required ingredients. This revolutionary solution not only defies your age but also gets you a younger look that can only be envied. Do not consider all these talks as just a sales pitch since all these have been declared by real users who now rely on it for their day-to-day facelift efforts.


The formula to work behind the success:

Vita FirmThe cream incorporates all natural formula to achieve fantastic facelift effects. It is devoid of allergic sensation. This powerful pack of natural essentials and vitamin stands as a brilliant solution that can be used regularly in order to eliminate wrinkles and lift saggy skin. Can you imagine how you will feel if you look like a 30 years old human being even at 40 years? Yes, that is not really a miracle but a guaranteed effect that will satisfy your discerning goal.

Why Vitamin C has been included as an essential ingredient?

As the production of collagen is crucial for your skin, Vitamin C can be the key to naturally promote this production. It aids blood vessels to achieve further growth. Also, it improves the growth of cells that will eventually lead to the strength and required firmness of skin. Vitamin C is also known to contain potent antioxidants which may lower or prevent the free-radical damage tempo. In turn, you will feel your skin will start repairing itself.

What are the proven advantages?

  • The cream lifts the skin at its cellular level and keeps the skin lifted for a long term.
  • It will keep one’s skin away from ultraviolet damage.
  • It will reduce inflammation or other associated effects quite efficiently.
  • The cream will get a user rid of all fine lines, wrinkles and different types of aging spots.


Will you be required to undergo any side effects upon using VitaFirm?

Although it is typical for almost all products in the category of skincare products, this cream is still free of any complain. Most of the regular consumers who have used it for several weeks seem to come with no complain against its effectiveness as well as the product itself. However, if you have a highly sensitive type of skin or it is critically vulnerable to allergy, you should follow cautions before applying it onto your face or other areas. In a word, you can remove your concerns regarding its negative effects as it contains no chemical additives.

For more information, please visit:

The Best Carpet Cleaning Machine− Hoover Platinum Collection

The carpets on your house floors are something that catch dirt and get unhygienic due to the day-to-day traffic they receive upon them. When you head towards cleaning them, you have got a plenty of carpet cleaning machines which can vary from manufacturers or manufacturers in terms of user utilities. To address all your demands, only a few carpet cleaners are worth trying, and one of those is Hoover Platinum Collection Carpet Cleaner can be the best carpet cleaning machine that works to your convenient. Quick cleaning and efficient treatment of carpets are the best two utilities which you can enjoy.

What makes your carpet cleaner professional?

The technological aspects, mechanism and design are some aspects which make a carpet cleaner look professional. If you wish to have a professional-looking machine that really cleans with professional touch and approaches, Hoover Platinum Collection is obviously the best carpet cleaning machine since it is intentionally equipped with the widely admired MaxExtract technology along with a 12 amp motor. All these technological specifications mean that Hoover’s carpet cleaner offers you a tidy carpet cleaning job for the money.

How Hoover Platinum works?

best carpet cleaner

This machine comes with Spin Scrub brushes as well as the dual scrub technology and runs on a fully automated and computerized system that reaches every single fiber of a carpet. It cleans the carpet even if the carpet gets too dirty for other average grade machines to clean. Sometimes, your carpets may need spot treatment and cleaning. Hoover’s Platinum Collection can again be the best carpet cleaning machine as it incorporates a couple of spot cleaning settings. If the spots are smaller, the stream setting is available, and the spray setting will do if the carpets have heavily trafficked or spotted areas.

Why you will say once again, you need Hoover’s Platinum Collection?

You are likely to seek superb cleaning services from your carpet cleaner. Hoover’s machine will remove dirty and waste water from your carpets and rinses them again with clean water. So, you can relax thinking that your carpet receives the best possible clean. To give your carpet the dry and solidity back, the machine uses direct heat so that it can get the carpets dried quickly, often in a few hours. Hoover’s machine is one of the fewest cleaners which can deep clean carpet as well as the upholstery, cervices and stairs at the same time. The product features tools for all three of these hard-to-reach areas.

Hoover platinum Collection is typically ideal for:

  • Rugs and carpets in different high-traffic areas. For example, a dining room or drawing room.
  • Upholstery and kid’s rooms where spills or other notorious messes need to be cleaned up.
  • Some households host one or a few more pets. Hoover’s machine is ideal for those homes.
  • If you are inclined to stay within your budget while getting high-quality cleaning results, this is the best carpet cleaning machine for the money.

Now, you might be willing to give it a chance, right? Well, you do not need to worry about the shipment and other purchase terms since you will purchase from

What Advantages Can You Receive From Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion, sometimes called microderm, is a modern and quick skin resurfacing treatment system that incorporates a mechanical procedure involving a powerful and expensive technology based machine to combat aging signs and wrinkles. In view of the user recommendations, this is a cutting-edge anti-aging procedure that offers patients who use it multiple benefits at affordable costs and within a short period of time.

A bird’s eye view of the benefits offered by microdermabrasion:

Including only a few drawbacks that are in minimal effects, microdermabrasion offers many benefits to patients. The treatment does the following things:

  • Soften not only wrinkles but also fine lines
  • Smoothen skin types that are coarsely textured
  • Decrease the appearance and growth of scarring
  • Decrease the size of pores developed in skins
  • Reduce hyper-pigmentation or age spots which are superficially visible
  • Facilitate easy penetration of high-end skin care items or products into the unreachable or deeper layers of our skin
  • Improve the growth of collagen
  • Give our skin a youthful and rejuvenated appearance


How can you maximize the benefits of microdermabrasion?

The best way to maximize the effects of the treatment is to have it performed in a series consisting of several sessions. If you can manage to consult an experienced physician, he or she will evaluate the type and condition of your skin to determine if the treatment is really good for you. The evaluation process is also helpful to determine how many sessions will be required for your skin type. Typically, six sessions of the treatment with an interval of 10 to 14 days between each two treatments can be a recommended protocol.

How your aesthetician plays a big role in getting you the maximum benefits of microdermabrasion:

5Apart from following the above recommendations, achieving expected results can be delayed if your aesthetician is not experienced enough to perform the task professionally. In fact, half of the success depends on the competency, skills and knowledge of your aesthetician. So, you must be able to find a doctor or aesthetician who has the knack for accomplishing the treatment on your sensitive skins with proper caution and techniques. In this case, you can do some light research or ask your friends who are already acquainted with experienced aesthetician who can perform well.



Another consideration to maximize your results:

The machine required in a microdermabrasion treatment is often an adjustable tool in view of your skin type and condition. If yours is a highly sensitive skin type, you can look for an aesthetician or doctor who works with hi-tech device to cause you no irritation or discomforts. Some medical spas tend to have machines that are more powerful than the usual ones. However, you must make sure you are not hooked in the powerful machines thinking that more power is always better.

“Microdermabrasion treatment is not much expensive”

The amount that you have to spend for microdermabrasion treatment for just once is usually anywhere between $100 and $150. If you go for a series of six treatments, you may receive a single treatment free depending on the salon or spa you have arrived at.

So, you can have your youthful skin and appearance back at affordable prices if you opt for this so-called lunchtime peel.

Why We Should Use Potassium Chloride Water Softener

Over the last several years, using water softener salt has been considered to be a no brainer option because of its being bulky and the difficulty associated with its transportation. Again, some studies have showed that the salt is quite detrimental to our natural environment. Many researchers recommend that we do not add sodium to our daily drinking water. In line with the bad effects of sodium, potassium chloride has been in place.

Choosing between standard sodium chloride and potassium:

So, we have to find answer to the question if we should buy a particular water softener that is free of salt and not prone to the issues mentioned above. The most reliable answer is we can just look for using potassium chloride rather than standard sodium chloride that is typically used as water softener salt.

What today’s water softeners use− sodium chloride or potassium chloride?

Like the variety of standard sodium, potassium chloride works well as the water softener salt. If the water softener that you have already had is two or a few more years old, it is likely to be designed in  a way that you can use potassium quite as simply as sodium. For a better understanding, you can check the user manual that came along with your water softener.

What if you are a new buyer?

5If you are a first timer with the water softener and go to the market to buy a new one, you will be lucky enough to have numerous softeners that use both sodium and potassium. However, the former water softeners were not designed to be able to use potassium.

Why potassium is a viable and better choice for water softeners?

We surely love our environment, right? So, potassium can be the enhancer of our love towards the environment since it works to the advantages of the environment. Standard salt used by water softeners has been reported to produce waste water that is often seriously contaminated with chlorine. For this crucial reason, many cities around the world have imposed a prohibition on the installation or use of the former water softening systems which was allegedly designed to treat this water while causing a great hazard or an additional disturbance to the centers which treat waste water.

What EPA says?

The Environmental Protection Agency or EPA finds that chloride is most often harmful to our wildlife and plants even at a minimum level. They have already recommended that we use potassium in our water softening system since this element is minimally invasive and eco-friendly to a great extent.

Health benefits of potassium:

Fortunately, potassium offers us health benefits in many ways, but sodium does not. Millions of people are now concerned about the health condition of them and their families and are living on a low level of sodium diets. Those conscious people will simply dislike getting salty water. Though today’s water softeners use only a scanty amount of potassium or sodium, there are almost no chances that people will seriously suffer from the bad impacts.

Despite that, potassium if added to our water softeners can do some good to us by help us maximize our nutrition intake. So, potassium chloride water softener is an obvious winner.

Some Good Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying A High-end Smoothie Blender

Having green smoothie on a daily basis is often a common habit among most people who are fond of fresh and hygienic homemade foods. If taking green smoothie is one of your daily habits, you are sure to have a blender that serves your tastes everyday. Do you know whether your current blender is giving you’re the most out of your smoothie or not? Now, you have to depend on the price tag that attracted you most when purchasing this machine. If yours is a high-end machine, you are most likely to undergo some frustrating outputs. Yes, here is the supremacy of a high-end smoothie blender that gives you the most but may cost you a little more.

The most common things about an average smoothie blender:

7Will you depend on the hearsay that you will get what you will pay for? If you believe this common say, then you will also believe that you will get the finest quality smoothies from your high-end smoothie blenders. As we know green smoothies offer numerous health benefits, we use some sorts of leafy greens, parsley and kale. With these green elements, we are almost subject to be accustomed to sipping and chewing. This is a common way of enjoying green smoothies using $80-$100 blenders.

If we prepare smoothie with fruits, we are subject to have some occasional chunks of fruits that are left unblended. Are you willing to accept this part of your day-to-day smoothie experience? Of course, you will be unhappy when you have an opportunity to get a high-end smoothie blender that brings out really smooth green smoothie.

Just start consulting your neighbors who are using high-end smoothie blenders:

If one of your neighbors uses a blender that is from one of the finest brands, you can simply discuss with him or her. The review of your neighbor will probably start with the words, “I do not experience “sip and chew” any longer since I have been using this blender that took me $450.”

Now what do you think?

The next thing that you will hear is, “I usually add fruits, seeds, nuts and greens to prepare my regular smoothie. This blender of mine can thoroughly blend all my favorite elements into the finest, creamiest and richest smoothie I am fortunate enough to have.” So, you can now easily expect that the rich quality of your everyday smoothie and your user experience of prepare smoothies will be improved significantly only if you can afford to get a high-tech smoothie blender.

Now what makes you have a second thought− time and efforts?

With your affordable or average quality blender, you might be used to chopping up the greens or fruits before putting them into the pitcher of the blender. You have to spend a lot of time in chopping the spinach, slicing the tomatoes, cutting up the carrots and cutting fruits including apples, mangoes, or pears into the required small chunks. After adding them to the inside of the blender, you blend for some seconds and then stop your machine to pack those half blend ingredients down with your mixing spoon. Finally, you have to fire up your blender once again to finish your smoothie journey. However, with a powerful smoothie blender, you will smile as you do not need to spend much time and efforts to have the smoothie that serves your favorite taste.

Now, after all the above discussion, you will feel at ease to make your choice as to purchasing a high-end smoothie blender.

Facial Plastic Surgery, A Safe and Effective Way To Modify Your Facial Appearance to Your Liking

Nearly everybody has at least one facial feature that he/she would like to alter. Thanks to the advancement in techniques and products used in facial plastic surgery, almost everything about your face can be repaired, altered or reconstructed to suit your wishes. Procedures for cheeks, nose, eyes, lips and chins can be done individually or along with an overall face lift. The degree of change possible is only limited by your tolerance for discomfort, the plastic surgeon’s abilities and your bank account.

Blepharoplasty, eye surgery, is performed mainly on older individuals. Droopy eyelids are not just aging; they can impair vision as well. When altering the upper eyelid, incisions are made along the natural lines around the eye to help keep the small scars as invisible as possible. Excess fat, muscle and skin are removed and then the remaining tissues are stretched and sutured into place. The lower lid method is pretty much the same, with the incisions made either along the eyelash line or even inside the lower lid.

Forehead lifts may be performed at the same time in order to raise the sagging eyebrows, and get rid of the forehead creases and the frown lines which can occur even at young ages because of hereditary or habitual expression. Thin lips can be enlarged using one among the facial fillers commonly used to plump depressions and wrinkles in the skin.

003Rhinoplasty is done to change the shape or size of the nose, which is the most important feature of the face. It’s one of the most popular types of facial surgeries, particularly among the young people. When reconstructing an individual’s nose, incisions are made mostly inside the nose, with some occasional incisions made along the septum. Reshaping is performed by adding or removing bone and cartilage. After the nose has been shaped as preferred, the skin is then reformed over the cartilage and bone and then sewn up.

Chin plastic surgery (mentoplasty) and cheek implants address the concerns of both old and young individuals alike. High cheek bones in women and strong chins in men are considered desired features, and plastic surgery may be able to provide them if nature doesn’t. Two procedures of chin modification can be achieved with this operation – either augmentation or reduction. With augmentation, the cut is made either inside your mouth, in the lower lip, or below your chin. After stretching some of the tissue at the incision point, an implant that is made of artificial material can then be put to redefine your chin. To reduce the size of your chin, a similar incision is made and the bones can either be sculpted or repositioned.

After a certain age, spot repairs might not be sufficient and individuals may go for a complete face lift, or rhytidectomy. Most plastic surgery of the face is done under intravenous and local anesthesia, but some plastic surgeons prefer using general anesthesia for the face lifts. The procedure has a tendency to be more extensive, so the recovery time after a facelift is longer compared to some other facial surgeries.

Plastic surgery for the face can be a safe and effective way to improve facial appearance. Nevertheless, there are certain risks involved, as with any surgery. It is vital to discuss with your doctor the possible risks of this surgery in detail before you pursue this option.

Are You Looking For A Tax Settlement Attorney?

When a person finds themselves with a tax debt to the IRS, they often feel frustrated and confused. There are quite a few options available to them to settle their debt, but it’s mired in complex tax code and tax law language. This may lead them to look online for a Tax Settlement Attorney which may not be the better choice; they may not even be necessary. There are professional tax companies out there that can offer affordable resolutions to tax debt with their teams of CPAs, Enrolled Agents and other Tax Practitioners. They are a great source of tax advice and can help you begin down the path to tax debt relief.

Due to the fact that payment resolution programs each come with their own set of rules and restrictions, it can be a bit difficult to find the one appropriate to a person’s financial circumstances. It becomes necessary at this point to find a Tax Settlement Attorney or a skilled and knowledgeable IRS debt negotiator to help one to make an informed decision as to what program best suits them. They are able to determine this with the financial documentation provided to them by both the taxpayer and the IRS.


The easiest and perhaps the most common of repayment plans is the Installment Agreement. This allows for the balances to be cleared by paying in 60 monthly installments. The actual amount of the payments is dependent on the amount of tax debt. Tax experts such as those found in professional tax companies are able to match a plan to an individual as well as any Tax Settlement Lawyer. One may also find that we may have more resources at your disposal.

There are some instances in which an individual may be able to clear their tax debt balance by paying a substantial percentage of their debt. The Internal Revenue service reviews many factors in order to make this determination. This is why it is imperative to disclose financial documents to your IRS negotiator or Tax Settlement Attorney prior to deciding on a repayment program.

Qualifying for a specific resolution program requires looking at different aspects of someone’s financial situation. If paying off the full amount of the debt would cause someone extreme financial problems, the IRS can grant access to a plan like an Offer-In-Compromise. They can then pay off a percentage of their debt and have their liability to the rest cleared, but only if the IRS agrees to the proposed offer. Again, it’s important that a Tax Settlement Attorney or qualified tax analyst review the case and help with the negotiations so as to expedite a favorable outcome.

Certain other taxpayers are recognized by the IRS as being unable to make any payments on their debt balance due to a combination of high expenses and low income. At this point, these people can try to gain the Currently-Not-Collectible status. The status remains in place until the individual is able to make a payment on their debt or until the IRS can no longer legally pursue collections against the individual (due to an expired Statute of Limitations). Having the representation of a Tax Settlement Lawyer versus a certified tax debt negotiator is not really pertinent since both follow the guidelines set forth by the IRS. Still, only an attorney can advise on and explain your legal rights to you. Calling a professional tax company can help you decide if you need the services of a lawyer or if you do not.

We are not a Tax Settlement Lawyer or a law firm, but we still understand how trying and complex these situations are. Our staff of CPAs, Enrolled Agents and other Tax Practitioners have much experience helping other clients from Alaska to Wyoming and can put that experience to work for you despite not even being in your area. Our IRS Tax debt experts can answer your tax questions when you call for a free consultation. Do not allow your tax debt to become an unmanageable mess. Explore your options and find relief from your tax debt burden.

Exquisite IPhone Repair Washington DC Service for Residing People

People residing the northern VA or Washington DC, there is a god news for you. So far, if you even have undergone loads of problem caused by your iPhone, you’ll never have anything such for from now on; we are here with a view to solving all your problems regarding iPhone. We are providing iPhone repair Washington dc service at a very lucrative cost compared to the problems an iPhone can have.

You’ll never believe what problems can iPhone cause if you are incapable of using such a smart phone. Let us denote some shortly-
•    IPhone is a very expensive and furthermost the smartest phone all over the globe.

•    You’ll never help yourself using another phone if you already have used iPhone lately.

•    You wont be able to help yourself buying another phone of low cost where you have an iPhone but need to get a perfect repair.

iphone repair two

All these 3 points are literally legit for thousands of people. There are many people who are in quest for iPhone repair, not only one but a good one for sure. We, who prefer quality prior to quantity, are looking forward to providing you with what you want. We are residing just nearby and you can have problems solved at anything it takes from us. The services iPhone repair Washington dc services are providing 2 very important services which are-

•    Headphone jack replacement: iPhones headphones are of top-notch quality and people who have used it quite good can only understand that. People who love music should understand it quite good. Many people only buy iPhone for its extraordinary music quality and storage capability. But jack problem is one of the most common problems occurred in not only iPhones but in all the music equipment. Sometimes the jacks get lose or the wires get a bit sleazy, resulting in tampered music and sound. We can fix this problem in no time at a very lucrative price. Come and get us people.

•    Camera repairing issues: IPhone camera is tremendous in quality, top notch at pixels, diligent at color matching and all over quality. But sometimes, camera using gets discolored and tampered with extra colors or line of colors in the screes. This is naturally occurred when the phone gets connected inside its delicate circuits for spilling liquids and accidentally joining two unwanted terminals. However this breaks natural circuit operation and permanently disables smooth camera function. We are here to make sure your phone camera is working fine by hook or by crook. Make a contact with us and know yourself if we are of service or not.

IPhone repair Washington dc is not only determined to provide the best quality it entails but customer satisfaction and the top feedback is all it cares. There may be lots of other repairing centers aside you but let us know if you prefer quality prior to quantity of phones repaired or the cost of repairing. We are pretty sure that 90% of you iPhone users would make quality of repairing sure to cost of repairing.